Introducing Stories

We are proud to announce that we are introducing stories on our website. Just like a celebrity appearance in a movie or a series, a story represents an appearance of a celebrity outside of a movie/series atmosphere. It could be a beach trip, Instagram post or any other event. The content uploaded will be available solely for the purpose critiquing and evaluating the nudity of the celebrity.

Stories are being submitted via a BETA upload form that we've implemented and enabled to the most common contributors from our forum and user uploads section.  

Content that has been posted without the permission of the celebrity will not be allowed. Submissions with words such as 'leaked', 'fappening' will be automatically rejected. Uploaders who will violate this rule will receive strikes. Violators will be permanently banned after receiving three strikes.

We remain committed to preventing abuse and content that is leaked from other sources or taken without the celebrity's permission. Our staff will be working 24/7/365 on responding and dealing with abuse cases.

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